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Plantation Shutters Sydney

Welcome to Sangoma Plantation Shutters Sydney! We are the best place for choosing a new line of window shutters or getting advice or assistance with your existing plantation shutters. As a pioneer in the plantation shutters industry, we know how to make a lasting impression on your and your home with our customer service and assortment of plantation shutters. If you are new shutter buyer, then you are taking a small step into a big world of beauty and elegance that shutters offer. Some of the benefits of plantation shutters include:


Environmental control: With an easy to adjust feature you can allow the breeze to circulate through your house while keeping the harmful rays out.


Protect your furniture and art: The added bonus of plantation shutters are their ability to direct sunlight into or away from your furniture, carpets, and other items that can get sun-stained.


Complimentary Beauty: The beauty of plantation shutters lends itself outward from the brilliance offered by the wood itself. As a natural choice for those loving wood, soft and earthy tones, the natural wood plantation shutters are an easy choice. For those that admire their simplicity, but want a more complex and diverse decor, the range of colours are the only limits for getting them painted to suit your house.


Great Protection: As a security measure, plantation shutter are an excellent option, stronger than glass, and keeping both the light from the home, as well as noises, the shutters act as a strong barrier to the outside world.


At Sangoma Plantations Shutters Sydney we work for you. That means that when you want to get something done when it comes to Plantation Shutters, you can count on us. We can assist you with:


  • Ordering — We can order you a set of shutters, pre-made to fit any window!
  • Installation — When you want your new shutters installed, we are the place to call.
  • Advice — Get in the know with all the best information and advice on plantation shutters.
  • Accessories — Need some accessories? We can get you started.
  • Repairs — When you want to repair a set of shutters, call us.

We supply and install the leading brands of plantation shutters including Lounging Lizards, TS Plantation Shutters, Hunter Douglas and Timber Shades. 

For all your plantation shutters needs, make sure to give us a call and see why we are the best in Sydney for getting you outfitted with the best quality products at an affordable price.


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