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Plantation shutters are the most versatile, stylish and cost effective widow treatment alternative. We Sangoma Plantation Shutters Brisbane pride ourselves in availing the best plantation shutter deals and installation services in Brisbane. Sangoma Plantation Shutters Brisbane is a pioneer establishment in the industry. The experience we have garnered over time gives us a good footing in matters plantation shutters.

At Sangoma Plantation Shutters Brisbane, we have tailor made systems to provide our customers with quality service that include;

Sales of quality plantation shutters. We have a wide range of shutters at our establishment in Brisbane. Customers are invited to pre-order plantation shutters to be custom made for them as we recognise the diverse needs and unique requirements of our different customers.

Installation of plantation shutters. At Sangoma Plantation Shutters Brisbane, we have qualified technical support who help our customers install the shutters. It is important to note that installations can only be done within Brisbane. For any orders that are outside Brisbane, we will give clear installation guidelines or advice our customers to enlist the help of a local fix carpenter.

Repairs and replacements? In case the plantation needs replacement during renovations or is worn out, we will be more than happy to fix a replacement. For plantation shutters that need repair of a broken louvers or tilt rods, Sangoma Plantation Shutters Brisbane has the expertise to handle them.

Customer advice. We ensure that our customers have unlimited access to information about plantation shutters and that they understand well all about our products and services. Sangoma Plantation Shutters Brisbane has a well put together call centre team that will handle all customer queries and help them make the best decisions or find what they are looking for.

Delivery of orders. Sangoma Plantation Shutters Brisbane is one of the few companies that make plantation shutters from scratch according to customer specifications and see to it that the orders are delivered to our clients. We make sure that all deliveries are accurately packed and that they contain all that is required for successful installation of plantation shutters.

Interior design. Sangoma Plantation Shutter Brisbane also works with top interior designers to ensure our products are trendy and that our customers are given the best option of home d├ęcor solutions available.

For all you plantation shutter requirements, give us a call or visit our establishment in Brisbane and we will serve you happily.

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