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Plantation Shutters Sydney

Sangoma Plantation Shutters Sydney is the one stop shop for all your plantation shutter needs. We have the largest collection of shutters, the expertise and commitment to provide you with functional solutions in whatever need you may have concerning shutters. With market experience we have garnered over the years as one of the pioneers in the industry, Sangoma Plantation Shutters Sydney is well positioned to offer satisfactory service to our customers.

The services we offer include;

Taking orders for plantations shutters. We at Sangoma Plantation Shutters Sydney handle orders for custom made shutters, pre-order shutters made specifically to match customer requirements. The customer can talk to a team of designer experts and engage them in the kind of plantation shutters they want made.

Installation of plantation shutters. We have competent technical personnel that will make sure your plantation shutters are fitted expertly to your satisfaction.

Expert advice. Sangoma Plantation Shutters Sydney has a team of experts at the customer support centre that are more than ready to answer all questions concerning plantation shutters. The customer will have access to every bit of information that will enable them come to the best decision concerning shutters.

Repairs and replacements. In case of broken shutters, look no further than Sangoma Plantation Shutters Sydney. We offer after sales customer support to ensure that customers get the best out of the window treatments we sell to them. In case any part, or the whole of the window treatment needs replacement just get in touch and it will be done in no time.

We have the best shutters at Sangoma Plantation Shutters Sydney for various purposes including:

Aesthetic and beauty. The wide range of shutters available at our Sydney station are designed and made by the best designers in the industry to ensure that we leave a lasting impression in whatever place we install.

  1. Sangoma Plantation Shutters Sydney makes shutters with the need for security in mind. We use burglar resistant material and make provisions for locks and installation of burglar proofing systems and alarms on our line of plantation shutters.

Control of what goes into your room is important. We make Plantation Shutters that will give you control over how much air, light and noise gets into your room.

  1. Plantation shutters offer privacy to office compartment and rooms that face public areas.



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