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In the world of interior design, one of the most favourite window treatment is the plantation shutter. Mostly because they are less costly and more versatile than other kinds of window treatments. Plantation shutters are used for various reasons including, light control, privacy, aeration and aesthetic purposes. Plantation shutters are also be made using different kind of material including wood, aluminium, plastics and also fibre glass. Sangoma Plantation Shutters offers a wide range of selection of plantation shutters for various uses.

When choosing a plantation shutter to use in the rooms there are various things to put in mind.

The function of the shutter to be installed. There are different reasons why people use plantation shutters. A plantation shutter used for security purposes would be slightly different from that used to partition an office. For security purposes, aluminium plantation shutters may be preferred to other kinds of material. You may also choose a plantation shutter with a lock function for security. There are internal shutters and external shutters. It goes without saying that more durable material should be used for exterior purposes.

The size of the window also influences the choice of plantation shutters. Some windows would require a half-length plantation shutter as opposed to a full length shutter.

The rooms in which the shutter is being installed can also dictate the choice of plantation to be used. A timber plantation shutter may not be good for bathrooms and kitchens as they would spoil easily due to exposure to water. Some rooms may need plantation shutters may need shutters with large louvers for the reason of letting in lighter and air. The finishing and colour of the room is also an important factor to consider when looking to install a plantation shutter. This ensures that the shutters are in harmony with the rest of the room. The colour and material chosen should be carefully considered in relation to other d├ęcor in the room.

At Sangoma Plantation Shutters, we have a well put together system and also knowledgeable personnel that will ensure our customers get the right plantation shutters for their needs. We offer replacement and repairs alongside installation services to new customers or those undertaking renovations. There is something for everyone at Sangoma Plantation Shutters so call or visit us for the best deal on plantation shutters.

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