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Timber shutters

Timber shutters can be installed on the window for a myriad of reasons including security, privacy, to regulate the amount of light pouring into the room or just for aesthetical enhancement. These shutters can either be external or internal depending on the preference and the reason why it is being installed. Timer shutters ca also be installed on doors other than windows.

Timber shutters have various names depending the sizes. At Sangoma Plantation Shutters, timber shutters are available in their various categories. Timber shutters can be classified into traditional shutters, Californian shutters or plantation shutters. These names point to the size of the louvers.

We provide different designs of timber shutters like café style shutters which cover only the lower part of the window. There are also multiple tier shutters as well as multiple tier shutters. Single tier louvers open from top to bottom unlike multi-tier shutters that have the louvers opening independently on each tier.

Timber shutters can have a horizontal divider rail that divide the different tiers from one another. The louvers are then operated independently from one another according to the tiers holding them. A tilt rod is used in operating the louvers, to keep them in uniformity. In case the tilt rods become damaged, replacements are available at Sangoma Plantation Shutters.

Timber shutters give amazing aesthetic enhancements. This is because they can be made from many types of wood and different finishes are done to them. Hardwood is popular for making timber shutters because they have grain that expels moisture making them able to withstand decay. Shutters made from hardwoods like Honduran Mahogany or Spanish cedar are more durable than those made from softer wood like cypress. Tannin in the hardwood made timber shutters make them resistant to attack from insects. Timber shutters can are also available in plaswood/fauxwood.

Timber shutters are made more durable by reinforcement with iron, aluminium or plastic. The timber shutters are waxed or given a finishing of vanish to make them resistant to the effects of the elements. Timber shutters are easy to clean and maintain as they can get along with just wiping and dusting from time to time.

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